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The main questions you need answered are; what is IR35 and how does it affect you? Well, you can find all the answers below.
IR35 is a piece of government legislation designed to put an end to Tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs) avoidance by using intermediaries such as service companies (Limited or Personal) or partnerships. In a nutshell, IR35 affects all contractors who do not meet HMRCs definition of ‘self employment’.
Previously, companies could be set up to provide workers to client organisations. This enabled the client to make payments to the company without deducting PAYE or NICs. The worker was then paid in the form of dividends, rather than a salary, thereby saving on NICs.

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Mercy  global consult is an umbrella  company with the most reliable services, we are opened  and most trustworthy  employment solutions provider. We offer a range of fully compliant services to contractors providing flexibility to meet their personal circumstances and requirements.


Contracting using an umbrella company is the most tax efficient way possible and  it’s not a complicated format. You are your own boss as a contractor, giving you the flexibility to structure your working pattern.You have the option to work in different role,  companies, which help builds your skills and experiences.

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We work with contractors across a very diverse spectrum of health sector. We are therefore perfectly positioned to assist with providing an employment solution suitably geared to your career.